Another Thanksgiving is upon us and it’s time for millions of Americans across the US to share a beautiful meal, have lots of laughs, and enjoy one of the most important holidays in our country. Sadly, there are still millions who have no where to go for this special day. Some people are elderly and alone, other are homeless, and more are sick and without resources.

But like the title implies, here are four quick ways to make your Thanksgiving holiday more “giving.”

1. Donate to Your Local Food Bank – Food banks such as Feeding America always need volunteers and of course lots of food — especially canned and dried goods, to keep its nationwide pantries stocked.

2. Participate in a Charity-Sponsored Race – Thanksgiving runs and walks in your local community will give you the chance to help raise funds for a particular charity, while burning off some pre-feasting calories.

3. Deliver Thanksgiving Meals – Meals on Wheels is a well known nationwide program that delivers hot meals to elderly people and others in need. They can always use happy, personable, and caring drivers.

4. Feed the Hungry via Technology – Nowadays, you can do pretty much anything with a smartphone, including help feed the hungry. FoodCircles is an app designed to let users “Buy One, Feed One,” with 100% of your purchase being donated to feed those in your community or your nonprofit of choice.

Wishing all of you a very warm, wonderful, and safe Thanksgiving holiday and hope that the spirit of giving will transcend far beyond your homes and families.

Nancy Seiverd, President

CMI Credit Mediators, Inc.

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