Letter Series

Expedite the Collection Process While Maintaining Strong Customer Relationships

A Fixed Price Service Designed to Deliver an Effective Collection Outcome

Spending valuable time and resources collecting outstanding debt from your customers is a tedious process that distracts you from managing your daily business. There are often several steps, and actions, that need to be taken in a coordinated fashion to ensure that the maximum recovery occurs.

To that end, CMI’s Letter Series consists of a series of four letters mailed every two weeks to the assigned debtor account. The standard letter series starts with a reminder, then proceeds through request, appeal, and finally demand type notices.

How It Works

The Letter Series is designed to move the collection process to an expedient and economically beneficial outcome for our clients, while helping them maintain a strong relationship with their end customers.

All letters sent throughout the process instruct the debtor to mail their payment to the collecting client.

Letter Series Key Benefits:

  • Costs can be predicted and therefore budgeted into the planning process
  • Collection efforts are contracted in advance so personnel shortages, computer downtime, or space limitations have no adverse effect on the company’s bottom line
  • The only letter series that customizes its letters for the client allowing them to write impactful letters, targeted at their specific industry, until the maximum recovery is achieved

Getting Results

If the account has not paid by the completion of the Letter Series, CMI can automatically rollover each debtor into its Direct Collect process.