Can you believe we’re already coming up to the end of the year and starting to plan Thanksgiving? Time goes by so fast and honestly, I feel like I’m still digesting last year’s turkey dinner!  

Year after year (and decade after decade), I still love having family and friends come to the house for Thanksgiving. Yes, it’s a lot of work and while I’m sweating up a storm, I keep reminding myself that, “It’s a labor of love!” In the end, the talking, laughing, and good feelings, make it all worth it.

Recently however, I was chatting with some family members, colleagues, and friends about how I might just change it up this year, and I was pleasantly surprised with their ideas and suggestions. Following below are several new ways to take your Thanksgiving time together to a new level.

Digital Detoxification – Before doing anything, let’s gently encourage guests to put away their devices and be present with each other. Upon making this suggestion, we may get some deer-in-the-headlights expressions, as well as discomforting body language. But let’s suggest it anyway and hopefully a few will comply.

Gratitude – As you know, thanksgiving is all about being thankful and appreciative. So, one way to do this is at the outset, go around the table and ask each guest to express something for which they are grateful. You might hear that the one small thing you did for your relative or friend ten months earlier, which you thought was really nothing, meant the whole world to them.

Memorable Meals – I was looking through the internet on how to make the best turkey and the Food Network has at least 92 recipes related to making the juiciest bird. Considering that a turkey, no matter how juicy, might not be all that memorable, I have decided to go more ethnic. This year, I’m going to include an Indian curry lamb dish, Thai noodles, Mexican tacos, a Greek salad, and Japanese sushi. Yes, it’s not your traditional Thanksgiving turkey dinner, but it certainly will be eclectic and more memorable.

Fun & Games – For many people, post turkey can result in one of those food comas where you’re out of commission for the rest of the evening. If possible, let’s try to bring everyone together for some activities. Whether it’s doing charades, singing karaoke, or participating in card or board games, getting people active will keep the mood and energy flowing.

Giving Back – Thanksgiving is one of those days where small acts of kinds can really make a huge impact.

Invite people who you may know casually or not at all to join you. There are always a few people in your circle, especially who are alone, to join your Thanksgiving table.

Ask each of your guest to bring one or two non-perishable items for you to donate at your local food bank.

Volunteer at any nearby community facility, in any capacity, which helps those who are less fortunate.

Donate – Here is a short list of organizations that will greatly appreciate any amount you can contribute. You’ll also feel good about helping others who can really use the help.

Meals On Wheels America· (

Feeding America (

No Kid Hungry · (

Disabled American Veterans (

Wishing you a very warm, embracing, and “updated” Thanksgiving holiday.

Nancy Seiverd, President, CMI Credit Mediators, Inc.

All Rights Reserved

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