One of the only reasons I happen to like March is because of Daylight Savings Time. Finally, I feel like with the extra daylight, we’re getting out of winter’s grip. Not that this winter in my neck of the woods has been so terrible, but it’s not one of my favorite seasons. I guess I’m just getting tired of always having to put on all multiple layers before going outside. 

If you haven’t checked, this year’s Daylight Savings time begins on Sunday, March 10th. Yes, it will be nice to get more sunlight, but other than that, I really wonder what I’ll be saving. 

For starters, once the summer hits us with its long sunny and hot days, my air-conditioning is going to be running non-stop, making my electricity bills double. So, I know right there, I’m not really saving anything. 

Then there is my sleep. I wish I could say that I’m getting more sleep during the summer, but the opposite is true. I tend to get up when the light penetrates the cracks through the bedroom blinds, especially after a night of staying up later because the sun sets later.  I’m probably averaging 6 hours a night, rather than the 7-8 hours that I have during the winter. 

In addition, I feel like I’m always spending more money during the summer months because I’m outside more. With restaurants putting their inviting tables out in front, and shops enticing you with their goods at the front entrance, I’m definitely eating out more, shopping more, and therefore spending more. In other words, from June through October, the only thing I’m probably happy about is the number of points I’m earning on my credit cards.

Furthermore, I know that I’m not saving on my mental and physical well-being because I make more plans, see more people, attend more events, take more vacations, and do more things that all together really pucker me out. So, here too, there are no savings.

I ask again, is the term, “Daylight Savings Time” a misnomer? My suggestion is that they should change it to “Daylight Extension Time” and that will probably clarify the confusion over whether “Savings” is really a part of it. 

Your thoughts are most welcome. 

Nancy Seiverd, President

CMI Credit Mediators, Inc. 

All Rights Reserved

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