As we are delighted to spotlight Desiree Shelley for our April newsletter, please read through her interview which conveys her passion for CMI and the collection business.

Q-1: What was the initial opportunity that brought you to CMI and into this industry?

A-1: At my previous place of employment, I was the Administrator but due to an economic downturn, they could no longer afford my position. I stayed on in a volunteer capacity because I loved what I was doing, but I needed to be gainfully employed. To my pleasant surprise, one day my husband, Will, informed me that CMI was looking to hire someone for my present position… and the rest, as they say, is history.

Q-2: How long have you been working at CMI and what is your position and responsibilities?

A-2: I’ve been at CMI for five years working as an Administrative Assistant. Some of my responsibilities include processing documents and extracting information for new business placements, daily compiling a variety of reports for managers and clients, maintaining sales figures, and taking inbound calls to ensure that debtors, clients, and prospects are directed to the appropriate areas for further service.

Q-3: What is the most gratifying aspect of your job?

A-3: The most gratifying aspect is that I accurately gather the specific information needed for each department to be successful in their part of the collection process. It might sound a little over the top, but I actually enjoy being diligent, detail-oriented, following protocol, and helping to serve the greater good. That’s my gift and I’m glad about it.

Q-4: What do you find to be the biggest challenge in your day to day work?

A-4: The biggest challenge day to day is keeping up with my many tasks. It’s a different kind of day if I fall behind in any one assignment and that can put me off my schedule like a domino effect. I remedy that by prioritizing and doing some work on an ongoing basis — one day at a time.

Q-5: In what way do you feel CMI Credit Mediators, Inc., stands out in the industry?

A-5: CMI stands out in the industry because we have a system of automated functions that communicates with clients and debtors on a regular basis. In addition, we still use that personal touch of talking to a human being on the phone. Of course, a high rate of collection is important, but we also believe that providing a high level of service is key. CMI strikes a great balance between hi-tech and good old-fashioned elbow grease. That’s why we stand out.

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