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Trade references can be valuable in certain situations, especially in business-to-business transactions. A trade reference is essentially a recommendation or feedback from one business to another, providing information about the creditworthiness, reliability, and performance of a company.

The value of trade references depends on various factors:

  • Trust and credibility: Trade references can help establish trust and credibility between companies. When a business receives positive references from other reputable companies, it can enhance its reputation and build confidence with potential partners, suppliers, or customers.
  • Risk assessment: Trade references provide insights into a company’s financial stability and ability to meet its financial obligations. They can assist in assessing the creditworthiness and reliability of a business before engaging in any financial or contractual arrangements.
  • Decision-making: Trade references can influence decision-making processes for companies. Positive references can make it more likely for a business to be selected as a supplier, secure credit terms, or win contracts.
  • Due diligence: Trade references can be a part of the due diligence process when evaluating potential business partners or customers. They provide an additional source of information that helps mitigate risks and make informed decisions.

However, it’s important to consider certain aspects:

  • Bias and selective references: Trade references may not always provide a comprehensive or unbiased view. Companies tend to choose references that are likely to present them in a positive light, which can limit the overall usefulness of the information.
  • Changing business dynamics: Trade references might become outdated over time, as businesses and their circumstances evolve. It’s essential to consider the relevance of the references to make accurate assessments.
  • Additional verification: Relying solely on trade references may not be sufficient. It’s advisable to supplement them with other sources of information, such as financial statements, credit reports, or conducting background checks.

In summary, trade references can be valuable in evaluating the reputation, creditworthiness, and reliability of a company. However, they should be considered as one piece of a broader due diligence process, combining multiple sources of information to make well-informed decisions.

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Nancy Seiverd, President, CMI Credit Mediators, Inc.  (nseiverd@cmiweb.com

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