Direct Collect

A Proprietary Collection Program with a Focus on a Successful Conclusion

Processes, Services, and Technology that Create an Effective Collection Solution

For more than four decades, CMI has developed a time-proven professional and sensitive approach to contacting debtors to discuss their debt obligation and to arrange a prompt resolution.

Not every company’s requirements are the same. That’s why CMI works with you to develop a collection approach that best fits your company’s needs.

How It Works

CMI’s Direct Collect service contains six key components that when combined create an effective collection solution program designed to deliver results. This approach ensures CMI’s credit and collection professionals work accounts in a prescribed and pre-programmed manner specifically defined for your company.

Direct Collect Service Key Benefits:

  • Greater call ratio compared to most collection firms
  • Experian Credit Bureau reporting unresolved past 30 days
  • A convenient web-based payment resolution system design for debtors
  • A nationwide network of lawyers to help with litigation when necessary
  • Intuitive, easy to navigate real-time portal for CMI clients

Getting Results

We know how important every account is to your business. That’s why we make sure that every customer touch point is designed to maintain and even strengthen your relationship with each one. We never forget that our business is your business.