Bankruptcy & Turnaround

Customized Asset Recovery Services When Maximizing Value Matters Most

Flexible First Party Collections, Restructuring, Liquidation, and Bankruptcy Solutions

Recovering the maximum amount of assets in challenging situations is a daunting task for any organization. It is often difficult to have all the appropriate skillsets in-house to deal with the multitude of scenarios that may come in a bankruptcy, restructuring, or full-blown liquidation situation. With our Bankruptcy & Turnaround asset recovery services, CMI has the collections and legal professionals, coupled with a full suite of commercial collection services to handle any asset recovery situation that may arise.

How Bankruptcy Service Works

When Bankruptcy trustees need help in protecting an estate, and finding the right commercial collection partner who understands the situation and can maximize asset recovery can be an overwhelming task. CMI has a full suite of services designed to handle the most complex recovery situation. Typical engagement models consist of a 3rd party consulting organization or Bankruptcy Trustee appointing CMI to handle all accounts receivable activities for the stressed business or financial institution.

Bankruptcy Service Key Benefits:

  • Locating lost computers and paperwork and connecting with former employees to gain insight on the inherited situation
  • Providing customized reports for trustees to simplify their court submissions
  • Leveraging value-added services such as: letters of representation, establishing settlement criteria, understanding post-petition transfers, and facilitating claw backs
  • Minimizing time commitment required from trustees

How Turnaround Service Works

CMI works with members of the Turnaround Management Association (TMA) to aid with all aspects of their collection needs. Our clients include banks, financial institutions, and workout and restructuring companies. The key to our success is that every project is customized, and managed, to meet the specific requirements of each party.

Turnaround Service Key Benefits:

  • Flexible and customized collection and legal forwarding services
  • Timely and efficient reporting of activity, results, and recovery projections
  • Proven methodology that maximizes remittances
  • Maintaining the delicate relationship balance with all involved

A Consultative Approach

Bankruptcy & Turnaround services are usually contracted on a contingency basis.  We provide a quote to frame the scope of the engagement. Once the solution delivery is in process, reporting and update meetings are scheduled until conclusion. A CMI professional will travel onsite, if needed, to ensure a timely resolution occurs.