Summertime is one of the most challenging seasons to have an office job. While the fluorescent lights above your workstation may be giving you a dull headache, it’s gorgeous outside. Add to that, your co-worker is on vacation and continuously sends you photos of her at the beach drinking pina coladas. Although you desperately want to take some time off, here are few ways to bring a little summertime into your office.

Bring Nature Indoors – If you can’t work outside then you might as well bring some of the great outdoors in. Plunk down a few vases of freshly cut flowers and plants on the desks of co-workers as well as your own. Decorate the walls with a few posters of beaches, the mountains, and the outdoors. On a breezy day, open the windows and let the warm air in (of course not when it’s in the 90’s). And put out some nature scents which can bring everything together.

Dress the Part – If your office has a more casual summer dress code, take advantage of it. Forego any clothing that’s uncomfortable especially in the summer heat and give yourself a break. Forget the high heels and the button-down shirts and opt for sandals (possibly flip flops) and nice t-shirts.

Party It Up – Plan a party that celebrates the warm weather season and loosen up a bit at the office. It doesn’t mean you need to interrupt work, but it does mean you and your employees or co-workers can make some great memories and improve everyone’s spirits just by having a little fun. Bring in ice cold lemonade, plan a picnic, set up lawn games during your lunch break, or even surprise your office with ice cream sandwiches. And when it comes to Fridays, head out after work to the local drinking spot that has outdoor seating for everyone to leisurely imbibe together.

Plug in Your Playlist – There are some songs that have a summer vibe to them. They’re the ones you want to listen to while driving in the car with the windows down feeling carefree and excited about warm weather. Compile all those tracks and listen to them while working.  

Bring Your Pets – This might be a stretch but if pets are allowed and your Great Dane is well trained, very people friendly, then this may just work. After all, we often do bring our dogs to the beach and let them run in the water. 

Those are just a few ideas on how to bring summertime into the office even if you can’t be outside enjoying the beautiful weather. 

Nancy Seiverd, President, CMI Credit Mediators, Inc.

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