As we are delighted to spotlight Eric Allen for our October newsletter, please read through his interview which conveys his passion for CMI and the collection business.

Q-1: What was the initial opportunity that brought you to CMI and into this industry?

A-1: I’ve been in the collection business for several decades and have known about CMI and its wonderful reputation for many years. Our paths finally crossed when I was offered a management opportunity to greatly contribute to the CMI team.

Q-2: How long have you been working at CMI and what is your position and responsibilities?

A-2: I joined CMI in early February of this year and as the general manager, I’m responsible for improving and refining all aspects of our collection operation. In addition, from a human resources perspective, I’m helping to bring in collection professionals with superior compliance regulation expertise.

Q-3: What is the most gratifying aspect of your job?

A-3: Helping the company to reach its goals by training our collectors to understand effective communication strategies and collection techniques.

Q-4: What do you find to be the biggest challenge in your day to day work?

A-4: Drinking water. Sometimes I’m so focused on everything to do with my job that I forget to stay hydrated.

Q-5: In what way do you feel CMI Credit Mediators, Inc., stands out in the industry?

A-5: What really impresses me is the CMI mission of balancing excellent results for our clients while working with their customers to make a win-win situation. As much as possible, everyone should know that CMI is truly here to help.

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